Dental Gold Crowns

dental gold crowns

  • (in checkers) Promote (a piece) to king by placing another on top of it

  • A crown is a permanent restoration that covers a tooth to strengthen and protect a decayed tooth from further fracture. A crown also may be used to support a large filling when there is little tooth remaining.

  • The Crowns is a golf tournament on the Japan Golf Tour. The tournament record is 260 (-20). It was set by Masashi Ozaki in 1995. The tournament has been played at the Wago Course at the Nagoya Golf Club since the tournament's inception in 1960. The course measures 6,545 yards and the par is 70.

  • (Gr. Stephana). A metal crown or wreath made of cloth in the shape of lemon blossoms, with which the priest "crowns" the newlyweds during the sacrament of Matrimony.

  • Ceremonially place a crown on the head of (someone) in order to invest them as a monarch

  • Declare or acknowledge (someone) as the best, esp. at a sport

dental gold crowns - NEW Electronic

NEW Electronic Dental Gold Scale with Clock! Grams, Troy Oz, Pennyweight & More!

NEW Electronic Dental Gold Scale with Clock! Grams, Troy Oz, Pennyweight & More!

High quality strain gauge load cell system makes it accurate in full capacity range. High density ABS housing and metal support makes it very durable. Large high contrast LCD display makes the readouts clear to read. TARE function covers units full capacity range. Attractive blue backlight make display easily readable in low light conditions. User can switch off the back-lite to save power. **It also has a power-saving feature and neat "Touch & Light Up" sensor. **LIFETIME WARRANTY Digiweigh has a very good limited lifetime warranty with all of their models. As long as the scale is not damaged due to misuse, Digiweigh will pay to exchange it for free. **DIMENSIONS: Scale Measures: 3''(W) x 5'' (L) x 0.8'' (H). Platform Dimensions: 2.5'' (W) x 2.2'' (L). LCD Screen Measures: 1.25''.

82% (14)

antique gold crown found in river

antique gold crown found in river

This antique gold crown is one the most unusual things I have ever found. I was down by the North Saskatchewan river in Edmonton and a father and son had a gold pan. I asked them if they were going to go panning and they said yes, did I know where to find some gold. Well I happened to have a gold pan in my car. So I got it out and we went down to the river. I filled my pan and then I filled their pan. I swirled and dumped the lighter things and with a few pebbles left I saw this unusual shaped rock. Upon further inspection it turned out to be a gold crown. It seems primitive compared to today's dental standards. I don't know where the person is that is missing the crown, I presume gone a long time ago. Perhaps this fell out when the person was living. I can't imagine that the dental adhesives were very sophisticated. Or possibly there was a shallow grave by the river in Edmonton's early days.

dental work

dental work

"Before" and "after" shot of the lower arch. 2 gold crowns, a 3-unit gold bridge, and a root canal. The camera that took the photos. Check it out.

dental gold crowns

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